NCAA Initial-Eligibility Memorandum of Understanding

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NCAA Initial-Eligibility
Memorandum of Understanding

1. NCAA DI/DII Initial-Eligibility academic requirements are different than the graduation
requirements for JW North High School.

2. The minimum NCAA academic requirements have become much more rigorous in recent years.
The minimum NCAA core course GPA, core course credit requirements and SAT/ACT scores have all

3. Not all courses offered at JW North High School are accepted by the NCAA as core courses for the
purpose of meeting the NCAA’s credit and GPA requirements.

4. An NCAA core course GPA is not the same as the cumulative GPA on the report card, and is most
often lower.

5. Students interested in playing athletics at the collegiate level should begin tracking their NCAA
core course GPA their freshman year. All semesters count towards meeting the NCAA’s academic

6. Meeting only the minimum NCAA Initial-Eligibility requirements does not guarantee a
student-athlete admission into their college of choice. Many colleges set standards higher than the
NCAA minimum.

7. Tracking NCAA DI/DII Initial-Eligibility requirements is the responsibility of parents and

8. JW North High School provides all student-athletes with access to a free account with to assist them in tracking their NCAA Initial-Eligibility progress.

1. Go to
2. Click on “Free New Member Account” in the upper left corner
3. Enter School Code: 052661
4. Enter School Code: 798812560
5. Click “Continue”
6. Fill in the appropriate fields in the Create New Student Account form
7. Click “Submit”